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Goosecakes are Not Conducive to BBYCKS

I got my first BBYCKS shirt a few months ago when the white VIP shirt went on sale. Never before had I experienced such sexual pleasure from wearing an article of clothing. It not only made me question reality as I know it, but my faith in God. Little did I know what God had in store for me…

2 weeks after receiving the precious, I was wearing it for only the second time at a Japanese festival near my hometown. Me and a friend were having a picnic in a field when, in an innocent fit of laughter, we both fell back onto the grass. Upon rising, I noticed a wetness on my back. Looking down at where I had collapsed, I saw to my horror, a small, flattened goose poop.

My voice rang throughout the festival in a desperate cry of mourning as I realised how the innocent garment I’d adorned was now defiled with pooooooop

Then I went home to my mommy and she treated it with love, care, and all the things that make the babycakes shine, and luckily, the stain was gone! By some miracle chemical it looked just as white as the day it came in the mail!

Then all was well, and I was aroused once more.

The End, :]

(via -zzonked)

found this haha

BC jumper + tee, by Mailbomb

for the people that wore babycakes before it was american apparel
for the people that wore babycakes before there was a shop
for the people that think of babycakes from the first note of gasping for kisses.

bbyckes c; - I’m in love with this jumper No joke

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